Safe, Interesting & Unlimited Internet.

Once your local network is set up, all Wi-Fi compatible devices can be connected to the wireless network beginning with "MOTHERSHIP."


Power VPN

COVE VPN uses USB power supply and can be installed to the laptop, charger plug, mobile power and other USB interfaces. Slowly flashing of blue light indicates normal state.



When powered on, look for WiFi signal that begins with "MOTHERSHIP" and connect to it with the initial password of M07H3R5H1P. A "login to the network" window will automatically pop up on your computer or mobile phone. Please complete the third step in this window. If it does not pop up automatically, open your browser and go to to complete step 3.


Bind to the Hot Spot

Follow the instructions on the screen to select a local Wi-Fi for COVE and enter your network password for connection. When done, the top blue light stays on.


Fast Speed & Unlimited Data

Plug it into a power source(such as a USB power outlet, smartphone charger, power bank, or laptop), connect through an existing WiFi signal, and you are good to go!

Access all the blocked and geo-specific content easily, but also encrypt your data and hide your IP.

We have 500 Global lines, 1000M Bandwidth per line, less than 50ms delay, and the best part is unlimited data. Enjoy the HD quality of the online video.

COVE can be used up to 10 devices simultaneously, it is compatible with any Wi-Fi products, smartphone, tablet, PC, TV box, Ai speaker, Kindle, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

No need to download APP, it’s an ideal solution for sharing and for multiple devices, use in home or office.

Cost-effective blockchain authenticated VPN.